NamibRand Nature Reserve

Today one of Southern Africa’s largest private nature reserves, NamibRand Nature Reserve is a role model demonstrating holistic biodiversity conservation balanced with financial sustainability.

Home to the mysterious fairy circles NamibRand Nature Reserve, a vast privately owned reserve covering almost 200 000 hectares bordering the Namib Naukluft Park, is situated south of Sossusvlei in southwestern Namibia. Synonymous with some of Africa’s most breathtaking locations, the Reserve originated in 1992 as the dream of J.A. (Albi) Brückner – to extend desert frontiers by integrating a large number of former livestock farms. To date, thirteen former livestock farms have been rehabilitated into a single continuous natural habitat. The result is a sanctuary free of fences allowing the wildlife to once again roam their habitat unhindered.

The NamibRand Nature Reserve is a non-profit private nature reserve. All landowners belonging to the Reserve have signed agreements and adopted a constitution that sets aside the land for conservation – now and in the future. The Reserve is financially self-sustaining mainly through high quality, low- impact tourism. The Nature Reserve has an independent webpage, have a look at